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We are a people-driven educational institution and we provide a learning hub, equipped with the requisite know-how to deliver the 21st century learning strategies to our pupils and students. We lean on the power of an engaged community of students and staff to furnish the former, with core competencies needed to ride the crest of unsteady changes occasioned by the twin forces of globalization and digitalization in this information age.

We are subdivided into the Montessori, Elementary school and College sections. Through cross-sectional or horizontal collaborations, we ensure that foundational and moral lessons are inculcated in our pupils and are sustained through their elementary school years and consolidated through their college experience (where teenage inclinations invariably set in). Also, we ensure that our pupils and students get a global perspective of trends so as to ensure they rub shoulders with their peers in other parts of the world. This is done through the running of the Cambridge curriculum alongside the Nigerian equivalent.

As a value-driven institution and one very much attuned to constantly changing educational realities, we place a premium on honing our students’ skills in areas such as: future-ready leadership, critical & analytical thinking and self-mastery. To that effect, we make it mandatory that all our year 10 students attend a three-week training on civic, leadership and moral development at the prestigious Citizenship and Leadership Training Center (aka Sea School), Apapa, Lagos, under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development. This goes a long way in potentiating and positioning these students for the task of leadership, the next academic year. Hence, we engender a self-perpetuating ecosystem of leaders.

Also, we provide boarding services. Our boarding houses are festooned with state-of-the-art facilities, geared towards stimulating and building values in the child such as teamwork, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and inter-dependence.

With recent research showing that “out of the ten categories of geniuses on earth, only two can be found in the school environment”. This implies that we ensure that our students balance out academic work with other mind-stimulating activities like proficiency in playing musical instruments and actively participating in variegated sporting activities, chief amongst which are volleyball and basketball. It goes without saying, we guarantee a culture and learning environment that enhances the development of “a total child”- a child whose innate abilities are efficiently stimulated and one in whom there’s an amalgamation of talent, skills, enthusiasm, commitment to excellence and courage.

In conclusion, we boast a vibrant ICT and Media department, saddled with the responsibilities of equipping our pupils and students with the necessary ICT skills (in tandem with the uncertainties of a constantly-evolving digital and data-obsessed age), providing them with requisite exposure and visibility on the global stage, whilst also forging and maintaining deep ties and connections with an ever-bourgeoning community of alumni the world over. Suffice it to say, the world is  Ostralite’s for the taking.

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Our Growth


Are you looking for a solid foundation for your child, Ostra Private Schools would be the number one choice. We have a great diversity of teaching in our Nursery school

1995-Till Date


A school with a vision will always progress as it’s students grow academically, This prompted the birth of Ostra

1995 – Till Date


You sure will agree that grooming a child academically from his/her tender age up to adolescent is not an easy task, but Ostra Schools have what it takes to ground your child academically

2006 – Till Date