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Our Head of Schools

                   Izuchukwu Eleme
(Vice Principal Admin Ostra Heights College)

Ostra Heights College

College Education at its Best

We have a lot to celebrate and thank God Almighty for. Ostra Heights College has come of age since her quest to provide wholesome, sound and qualitative education began 13 years ago (that is in 2006). The school is established and runs with vision rooted in the word of God, and which is reflected in our endless pursuit of excellence, honesty, creativity, and learning experiences.

We have an imposing two-storey edifice which houses state-of-the-art facilities such as a well-spaced and ventilated classrooms conducive for learning; well-stocked e-Library, fully equipped Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Language, Home-economics/Foods and nutrition laboratories. Others are ultra-modern ICT laboratory, and Computer Based Test (CBT) Centre; magnificent Arts and Craft, and Music studios; a lush Geographical garden, and a school mini-farm(for fish rearing and plant cultivation). The school also boasts of a multipurpose hall (which sits up to 500 people), a multipurpose sports court for games such as Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Lawn Tennis and others. Our Entrepreneurship (Skill acquisition) centre is second to none wherein students are trained to acquire various “Hands on” skills cutting across many fields. Our students enjoy sumptuous and well balanced diets during lunch in well-furnished and ventilated refectories.

This is a team that has the best job in the world – moulding lives educationally, spiritually and emotionally. It is no mean task but the team of teachers we have in Ostra Heights College have been equipped for this. Ostra Heights College teaching staff members have been through series of training, workshops, seminars and drills for no other reason than to serve you better and make royalty out of our pupils and students. Our trust is in God and our strength lies in the edification of time-tested principles of administration which have seen us grow stronger with every challenge and better with each passing day.

As one of the international benchmark schools in the country, Ostra Heights College runs concurrently the British and Nigerian curricula, and is proud to be affiliated with the British Council of Nigeria as a centre for the registration, training and conduct of London Cambridge CHECKPOINT and IGCS Examinations. We are also affiliated with other international and local examination bodies; Universities and Colleges – both local and international; little wonder why our graduate students are all over the globe in various universities and colleges flying our flag high. Ostra Heights College has it all and it is no boast that this is the school for the PEARL child. Come, see and experience it all; your children will reap the benefits. OSTRA! In God We Trust!!

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Elementary School

Primary Education for future Leader

You are welcome to Ostra Elementary school and our official school website. Ostra School, a school for a pearl child is a place to be. We are sure you will learn many interesting and fascinating things about our school system and then plan to visit us here in Ago, Okota – Isolo, Lagos. Our school has a reputation for being a secured and organized place where our pupils excel in academics and exhibit excellence in all aspects of life. We are very diligent in creating a program which is sizeable, personalized, caring, and high achieving. Our school is known for innovation, creativity, commitment, God- fearing, and excellence. We have highly qualified and progressive educators that are dedicated to providing our pupils with relevant and rigorous instruction. It is our practice and culture to reach each child academically as well as socially, morally and emotionally. Our teaching and learning style goes beyond cognitive; we seek to tap the hidden potentials in our pearl children. Our twenty-first century learning environment and unique teaching approach make us stand out among our counterparts. As a result of our rich curriculum and excellent performance of our pupils over the years, our school has become one of the most recognized and sought-after elementary school in Lagos and all over Nigeria. Our pupils are made globally relevant through a blend of British and Nigerian curriculum. We are in the business of producing a total child! Ostra private school has a very supportive and involved parent community. We strongly believe that a strong partnership between our school, each classroom, and home is pivotal to pupil and school success. We therefore implore you to come visit our school, or simply take a tour of our web page and you will discover and agree that Ostra Private School is truly a great place to be!

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               Scholastica Ekwosimba
              (Head Elementary School)

                  Rose Anaweokhai
                  (Head Pre-School)


School for the young gems

Gone were the days when children as tender as one year old were bundled to care centres so that mothers could have some respite and do some household chores. What children could learn and benefit from such centres have become questionable and a matter of debate. Interestingly, Ostra Preschool has a solution. On entering the school, the colorful environment appeals to the psyche of the children and triggers the creativity in them. Apart from the aesthetic beauty, a rich well cultivated and balanced curriculum has been developed for children from the age of one. Basically at this level, pupils naturally learn to appreciate, explore and enjoy their environment with the tender guidance of professional teachers. They are given the opportunity to exhibit their innate potentials. At Ostra Preschool, we have created an environment where every child feels special and loved, this gives them the confidence to express themselves freely. Each pupil is allowed to learn at his\her own pace. Their individuals uniqueness is given utmost consideration and the result is quite outstanding. We offer the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum with excellent links with the Nigerian Curriculum using some Montessori principles and resources. Our Preschool is a learning community in which pupils, teacher and parents work and learn together.

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Ostra Boarding

A home away from home.

At Ostra Boarding, We offer academic support to pastoral and residential care. We also boast a unique learning environment and educational package that you won’t receive anywhere else. We inspire our children/wards to have a genuine love for learning, embrace their own strengths, talents and nurture them to believe in themselves whiles also building their character, so they may positively impact their world going forward. We guide them to develop life skills such as, confidence, fearlessness, courage, self-esteem, smartness, honesty, time consciousness and self –discipline to lead a successful adult life. At our boarding, we embrace cultural diversity, our children are encouraged to appreciate the differences in one another and live amicable. Here, team work is encouraged and through this, leaders are developed and competition engendered academically, morally and socially. We prepare them for university life through the balance of greater personal responsibility. The distinctive characteristics of our boarding school is that character development counts as much as academic achievement. We encourage you all to bring your children/wards to Ostra Boarding School; Where great leaders and achievers are raised! Thanks

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                  Dina Mawuli James-Dedume